Setting up bank accounts with your box

To get started, you first need to setup a bank account for your organization. On our test system, sending and collecting money for those accounts will always succeed as long as you provide valid input. Moreover, we will auto generate random transactions, so you will have some data to work with.

The following curl command should create a new account. You can change all data as long as you make sure that you use a valid IBAN and BIC. Besides a generic validation, we also check for uniqueness, so you wont be able to onboard to bank accounts with the same account number.

HOSTID, PARTNERID, EBICS_URL, and USER_ID are all provided by your bank.

    curl -XPOST /accounts \
      -H 'Accept: ' \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -H 'Authorization: Bearer ' \
      -d '{
        "name": "My first test account",
        "iban": "DE02700205000007808005",
        "bic": "BFSWDE33MUE",
        "url": "https://fakebank.url/ebics",
        "host": "FAKEHOST",
        "partner": "TESTPARTNER",
        "subscriber": "TESTUSER"

For a real bank account, this command would initiate the setup procedure with your financial institution. The next step would be to fetch the INI letter, sign it, and submit it to your bank via snail mail:

    curl -XGET /accounts/DE02700205000007808005/ini_letter \
      -H 'Accept: ' \
      -H 'Authorization: Bearer '

The box checks on a regular basis if your account has been activated by the institution.