Account transactions

This endpoint provides all transactions imported via your accounts' bank statements. It flattens all data and allows you to query across multiple bank accounts and banks. No need to check account after account.
The most basic form will return a paginated list. But you can also apply various filter criteria to limit a result set. Those criteria are:

    curl -XGET /transactions \
      -H 'Accept: ' \
      -H "Authorization: Bearer "
        "id": "514fbec4-2335-11e6-b67b-9e71128cae77",
        "account": "DE02700205000007808005",
        "name": "Max Mustermann",
        "iban": "MUSTERMANNIBAN",
        "bic": "MUSTERMANNBIC",
        "type": "credit",
        "amount_in_cents": 34299,
        "executed_on": "2016-05-02",
        "reference": "Text on bank statement",
        "end_to_end_reference": "some-unique-ref-1",
        "_links": {
          "self": "https://box.url/transactions/514fbec4-2335-11e6-b67b-9e71128cae77",
          "account": "https://box.url/accounts/DE02700205000007808005"