Transfer money to another account

In order to transfer money from one of your accounts to another, you need to know the recipient and his account data. The reference is what's displayed on your recipient's bank statement. This is the most basic form. There are additional fields to allow you timed execution (execute_on), urgend delivery (urgent), and providing an end-to-end reference number (end_to_end_reference).

    curl -XPOST "/credit_transfers" \
      -H 'Accept: ' \
      -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
      -H "Authorization: Bearer " \
      -d '{
        "account": "DE02700205000007808005",
        "name": "Max Mustermann",
        "iban": "DE69500921000000046868",
        "bic": "GENODE51BH2",
        "amount_in_cents": 10013,
        "end_to_end_reference": "eref-1"
        "message": "Credit transfer has been initiated successfully!"

In addition to those required fields, it is also possible to set 3 more parameters: